January 25, 2008

Water Filter System Vs Water Softener

Home Water Filter Comparsion

Chlorine, chemicals, VOCs and THMs found in our tap or faucet have health risks reported widely in various papers. It is not safe or wise to drink or use if you don’t consider to purify your home water.

I know that many people have been using water softeners to treat their home water. However, before you continue to purchase water softener systems, I like to talk about the difference between water filter system and water soften system. They have difference like functionality and features.

For drinking water, you shouldn’t use water softeners or reverse osmosis filters at all. The reason is because water softeners or reverse osmosis water filters can remove natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions which is useful minerals for your health.

However, for non-drinking water such as shower water, dish washer, laundry…, hardess of water can leave residues on your skin and hair, cause scale build-up in pipes and water heaters resulting increased electricity consumption. So you need to use special water treatment to remove calcium and magnesium ions and other cations. A common water softener system is salt-based.

However, many people don’t like the feel of salt-softened water, that makes you feel you can’t ever rinse off the soap. Meanwhile, over saturated softened water can leave spots on your dishs/cloths/pipes/stuffs, and damage them sooner or later. Also it can cause cosmetic problems for your skins.

Personally, I don’t recommend to use regular water softeners to treat your home water. It’s definitely not for your drinking water. But you can use drinking water filters to improve your water quality, purity and taste.

For non-drinking water, I do recommend you to use special water filter system such as shower water filters or whole house water filters that can filter harmful chemicals(chlorine, synthetic chemicals, THMs and VOCs), and balance minerals level with natural copper/zinc mineral media called KDF-55D. So that your home water won’t be hard, but there is no side-effects by water softeners like salt. For shower water filter I highly recommend AQ-4100, but for whole house water filter, I extremely recommend RHINO® EQ-300.

AQ-4100 shower water filter has a unique 2-stage filter process that remove chlorine and enhance ph balances in Stage 1 and filters out harmful VOCs and THMs and other synthetic chemcials or by-products in stage 2. After such treatment, your water is softened without harmful effects by salt-treated water. On the top of that, it is the cheapest shower water filter with its high quality and performance.

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