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November 28, 2007

Amway Water Filter Review

Find Out Which One is Really Best Home Water Filter?

Amway Water Filter
Quality: espring water purifier
Safety: amway water filter
Price: quixtar water purifier

amway water filter

Rating: 77/100
Amway water filter or quixtar water filter, its brand name is eSpring water purifier. There are two types: counter top or under counter. It is the first in-house water purifier system. It uses both pressed carbon block and UV technology. So the eSpring water filter can remove 140 water contaminants, still leave natural minerals in the drinking water.


  • Reduce water contaminants up to 0.2 microns.
  • 140 contaminants filtered out such as pesticides, industrial chemicals, inorganic and organic compounds, particulates.
  • UV light destroy 99% bacteria and virus.
  • Treat water on demand directly from tap water.
  • Easy installation, easy use. Easy water filter replacement.
  • Elegant counter top design.
  • Water taste good.

It is the most expensive drinking water filter. Maybe it is because of its quality, or elegant design or just MLM direct sale. Quixtar is just online entity to sell espring water filter.

$577.30 USD

eSping water purifier does improve quality of drinking water. It can filter 140 bad contaminants, but leave good mineral in. The PH of eSpring filtered water is close to human blood PH value (not alkaline water). Thus, espring water should be good drinking water for our body. However, the price is just too expensive, not just initial investment is too much, but also per gallon price is high as well.

Good news is that there are many choices to get cheaper and high quality water filter besides amway water filter. Check out water filter comparison chart. Or just get best water filter based on price, per gallon water cost, effectiveness, safety and overall ratings.

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